Car rental procedures

* long-term car rental

1.  to call to inform the models, length of lease, vehicle requirements, and related information

2.  must bring copy of business license, corporate code certificate, corporate ID cards, official seals, power of Attorney

3.  agent account, ID, social security card, a security deposit.

4.  sign a contract and pay a deposit and one month's rent

* rental car business

1.  calls to inform vehicle leases, and related information

2. , customer service will be send by fax the rental contract to your company

3.  related to customer upon receipt of the rental contract to fill the contents, seal or signature, and return

4.  after the company received a single customer fill out the vehicle driver, car number, and seal return

5.  rents paid after the end of the car or driver

* wedding car rental

1.  calls to inform vehicle leases and related information

2.  customer cars if you need car arrangement

3.  company made cars of the deposit

4.  signing the rental contract

* personal car rental

1. my ID card, driver's license

2. sign the contract and pay the deposit and 10,000 yuan deposit