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Buy cars to rolling stone

Past buy car, people wants to have up of is must to with have live, to buy on buy can with lifetime of car, due to wants to have enough far, also to everything, have big have wide, separate travel has driving sense, family travel also can sat have Xia, now not as has, from I "to buy a Department car" to "I buy a Department like of good car", again to "I buy a Department for himself of car, consumers more stressed personality. Of course, because of the change, salvage value is too low.

    car to change two or three years, always drive new cars, some brands during the warranty period of two years, opened with more peace of mind. It is also a manifestation of China's car market and foreign standards. Of course, for new inputs will be larger, affordable.   Demand-led production, production and create demand. The time normally develop a car needs a little over three years, as consumers to change frequency, for manufacturers is a test only have more predictive power, research and development, in order to have tomorrow's market.   

consumers to change frequency, dual opportunities for businesses, while new car sales continued to increase, on the other hand, stimulates the development of derivatives business, a buy sell used cars, you can get a considerable profit, prudent consumers buying a used car can also be early the car dream. However, the used-car market also brings problems to fire, a product quality can be guaranteed and the old car; second, the specification for how to make the old car market; the third, how to reduce the discharge of used cars