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The car is a machine that changed the world

Car is a machine that changed the world. Someone once had importance compared to electricity to the car, this sentence is not enough, today we can not totally without electricity, today we left the car, then I am afraid this would have been unthinkable, I'm afraid our efficiency is something incredible. The importance of car, past rows of miles and read thousands of books, perhaps traveling thousands of miles is very difficult without a car. A country is strong or not, sometimes it's the auto industry on the line. Big and strong auto industry States, United States, Germany, Japan, the three countries is unprecedented three powerhouses in the world, the auto industry and a strong relationship and it is not by chance. United States why called a superpower? Inside the top 500 multinationals in the world, he has 180, its status is not empty, the auto industry is United States domestic very important industry, auto industry and power are inextricably linked.

   about 1 billion vehicles in the world today, on average, one in every six people around the car, China was 7000duowanliang, an average of 19 people in a car, far below the world average. Car has a lot of 4.7 million vehicles in Beijing, but nationwide, our per capita ownership is much lower than the world average. Most developed countries United States averaged 1.2 has a car, and after the reform and opening up of China's auto industry in the past has made great achievements. Production and sale of more than 13 million vehicles last year, leads the world in the first place, so our location this year seems to be to keep, and now we are more than 17 million vehicles should be no suspense. Once again won the world's first performance. But we recognize that we are a car power, it's not a car power.