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Opened the vehicle maintenance industry profits than dozens of times times the brand

Why does vehicle maintenance costs, there is a huge gap between them? Different brands, models, parts and materials, standards, and indeed there is a big difference in terms of production technology, led accessories prices vary. And maintenance costs with price rises, also had become a universal law of automobile maintenance industry. And many luxury cars, super luxury car spare parts need to be imported from abroad, and often in a larger area is monopolized, repair price is often determined by their boss, high maintenance prices are also common.

in the automotive repair industry, vehicle is different, repair parts, maintenance work, certainly there are a lot of differences, there are also different levels of the same brand car price differences. Reporters learned in a Buick 4S shop, about 100,000 yuan worth of excelle, left headlight accessories price was 884 Yuan, maintenance fee of 30 yuan, total maintenance costs 914 Yuan. In the same maintenance sites, if the repair is more than 200,000 yuan worth of lacrosse, maintenance costs will increase by more than 30%. Lacrosse the left headlight accessories price for 1165, maintenance of 60 Yuan, total maintenance costs 1225.

If the brand is different, and this difference will become more pronounced. Above the left headlight Assembly replacement if in Chery, BYD and other independent dealers, accessories, hours of work total about 200 Yuan. But if it is more than 500,000 yuan of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other luxury cars, left headlight's price up to 10,056, maintenance fees are increased to 500 Yuan, spending nearly 20,000 yuan. If converted into 4 million or 5 million Yuan worth of Ferrari, left headlight is as high as the price of 31,000 yuan, and maintenance fee to 1800 Yuan, replaced the left headlight costs nearly 33,000 yuan in the Ferrari dealership.

such data are insufficient, we have another 100,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan and 5 million Yuan to compare several models of different levels of maintenance costs. Our local dealership for parts and labor as an example of all 1.6L, lacrosse 2.4L, Mercedes-Benz E260, and Ferrari compare 458italia four models. Compare project is the insurance claim process, most frequently accident left headlight, front bumper and front left fender replaced. Hyatt 1.6L maintenance cost-3409, labor 1260; Lacrosse 4645 2.4L maintenance costs, labor 1510; Mercedes-Benz E260 three maintenance cost of 33,000 yuan, labor 4350; Ferrari 458italia maintenance costs for 140003 Yuan, labor 11003. In addition to Accessories outside the difference in value of up to 60 times, maintenance fees are 10 times times.