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How to prevent high speed tire

Driving process how to prevent high-speed tire

      tire on the highway because of tire quality, gas temperature, wear, road conditions and driving action/effect, reasons are more complicated, some tire quality problems is a general repair shop check it out. High-speed burst is difficult to eradicate. But keep an eye on his love-child, timely inspections and maintenance, to develop good driving habits are good. Once the puncture occurs, not slamming on the brakes, you want to hold on to the steering wheel, slowly bring down the speed

     tires to a certain mileage depends on pavement and wear conditions and determine if the. General urban road time can be longer, if often at high speed, or the exercise of poor roads, depending on the degree of wear replace in time.

      try not to run continuously for too long high speed, may be appropriate in the rest area parking, cool the tyre. This is especially important during the summer.

always check tire pressure, tire pressure to be measured every other month, feel free to add. At high speed to check tire pressure before to make it in the normal range.

     minimize the opportunities for emergency starting, braking and fast cornering, these movements will increase tire wear and increases instant pressure. Don't be hard on the rolling road, control speed.

      frequently check the tire for NSIs, scratching, whether it is caused by broken processes. Rises in the car is when the way to view the inside of the tire problems, identify problems and find a repair shop or 4S shop. According to Eli ordered a replacement tires wear evenly.