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Tire position how long it will take to do a

&Nbsp;    tire position how long it will take to do? Vehicles in flat road line driving Shi steering wheel not are, vehicles in flat road line driving Shi will left or right partial sliding, tire wear not normal, and has serious eat tire of phenomenon, body will beat not stability, steering wheel will around shaking, driving Shi has floating of case, vehicles had occurred had collision, replaced suspension, and steering system, and triangle frame or rod, chassis parts Shi

    has may to to do a positioning has. Why does this happen and what positions?

    If the vehicle's tire location and ran away instead of going to a new location, then over time the vehicle will not only cause tire wear left and right float rod, but also because of the tire drag caused by the different vehicles traveling along and increase fuel consumption, increased driving at highway speeds, increasing the risk of fatigue and damage to the undercarriage parts

mainly because vehicles in motion and often there will be a lot of rough roads, potholes and water holes covered reasons such as shock and chassis parts wear, vibration and shake in a long time will make the default settings under suspension and tire mechanical position change, when angle was running away, this situation will occur.