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Cheap suffer big loss buy used tires shall not be

Cheap used tires very good business reporters in the interview that, although the use of used tires can cause serious consequences, but many places have used tyres sold and business is very good. In many brands of tires store, there are many customers out of old tires, many of which seem new, and if people want to buy, these tires new tires will be equivalent to 10 percent-20 percent of the price.

If you drive often walk on the highway, you will find very tire debris on the highway, that was left over after the automobile tire. Reporters learned from the departments concerned, on the highway, due to a flat tire and a large proportion of traffic accidents caused by, and these flat tire vehicles, many is caused by the use of used tires.

in addition to taxi drivers favor second hand tires, car rental companies, and used car dealers like to buy used tires. First two buy used tires in order to reduce operating costs, and the used car dealer to buy used tires in order to replace the used car broke on older tires, make your car more attractive. In addition, among those who buy used tires, and some people, like Lee, for the sake of buying cheap.

remind risks a lot, car owners should be careful car owners think, just to work with my new car, not run long distances, using used tires is economical and affordable, should be no problem. In fact this idea is errors, 14 s-shop repairman told reporters that the tires have a certain life span, after General tire for two or three years, if not how many miles, it will significantly reduce the safety factor. Old tires either in the front or the rear wheel, it is very dangerous to use.

introduce a tire shop owner, small retailers, pick out the less serious wear of tyres, wholesale used tire dealers all over again. In accordance with the directions, this reporter went to a tire store. The tire shop and other stores, selling second-hand tyres as well as new tires, but selling secondhand tires site bigger, more tires. A coolie of the store told reporters that their tires are original goods, origin is France, and Germany and Japan, some even up to "90%", and each 150~250 Yuan. Journalists ask a 90% a new 195/65/15 model how much the tires, they offer 180 yuan, while the same brand, size, new tires in their stores to sell 600. Gong said the original tires from Guangdong into goods, "quality was much better than domestic tyres". Reporters saw these tires look new, but the date was 2006 years ago.