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Airbag to protect life and safety

Airbag    the protection of safety, not in the airbag and the occupants or airbag placed external identification of the areas of hard or sharp objects, or strong impact when the airbag opens them to the occupants body, can cause serious injury.

If you don't learn the airbag on the use and maintenance of common sense, when the accident happened, and we can't play a role in security. It is understood that the airbag overhaul now require 30,000 miles or so to do a computer test, is in the 4S shops often say that "maintenance" time.

   in normal circumstances, the ignition switch to the "ACC" or   "ON" position, the warning light is on for a few seconds, performing a self-test before turning off. If the warning lights on, then the airbag system is faulty, repair should be carried out. Otherwise, there may be air bags do not work or the error pops up   ...

Shanghai car rental companies remind you of is that occupants must wear seat belts. In a State of not wearing seat belts, air bags will not only fail to protect the crew, injure occupants.

    do not knock or hit the airbag parts. Nor should we use water to flush air bag location directly, because damp airbags at the crucial moment will not be able to   to protect people's life. When cars are equipped with dual front air bags, don't let the child sit in the front row or placed child seat at this location. Because the impact of the airbag cannot children, would harm children.

    airbag system for overhauling and repairing the car's other systems, if operational error that may make the airbag accidental activation resulting in casualties. Various manufacturers of sensors, gas category and series and detonated circuit layout, propellant and have differences, therefore, the airbag system repair should get professional maintenance personnel, maintenance should be carried out strictly in accordance with the provisions of car maintenance manual.

      do not hang on the front windshield and rear-view mirror in jewelry. When the balloon pop-up, hanging accessories can impact, flying to the occupants, causing unnecessary damage.

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