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Obey the traffic rules stop must be turn signal

Failure to comply with laws and regulations, open "temperamental" car, as his road racing, this is the bad habits of many drivers. Turn, and and line, and started, and parking not playing steering lamp--some car was on has forced and line has, also not playing steering lamp, also some suddenly change route, and suddenly parking are not advance to out signal; barge into--see front traffic, was drove into non-motor vehicle road,, fast to junction Shi again forced and line; far light lamp, and fog lamp long bright--night driving in lighting good of road Shang, is open with far light lamp or fog lamp; free mess parking--individual taxi and small bus especially; Rob line--left, and Right turn vehicles non-to Rob in straight line vehicles Qian through, extension vehicles not let route car; rain Hou lane not deceleration--rain down to water road not deceleration, what was accelerated through; express road slow line--which although novice mostly, but also are veteran; to car outside throwing debris, and spit--put himself of car within Pack have clean, is free to car outside abandoned waste; battle car bully people--good car bully General car, old driver bully new driver; mess Ming Horn--some car driving in the suddenly flameout or started more slow, The drivers behind honked.   BACK PAGE