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Teach you to on-street parking blowout rub

Open air parking, no matter what, the balconies and Windows of the buildings stop caution. Because of some bad habits, throwing objects, spit and cigarette butts, there are all kinds of nuts, waste batteries, and so on. My accord glass downstairs was crushed by 11 threw rotten peaches, another friend of black minicars, hood was dropped by 15/f, beat out a flat battery Chamber. Even more frightening is a typhoon day, some bad pots fixed on the balcony under the blows, the consequences can be imagined

do not account for others fixed parking spaces, or parking block others access. It is particularly vulnerable to retaliation. Paint, bar tires, vent, broken glass may occur.

relatives, parking in the high-end community also does not matter, but low-grade community beware. Unbalanced mentality, more hatred too poor, easy to kill. Than in the high-end community, ordinary, property management, and not much risk. Cheap communities best stopped within sight of the guard security, smoke, sweet talk, doorman security, please take care to reduce the risk. There is a way you can park next to the car is better than yours, to transfer the risk to others.


No roadside parking vehicles. Roadside parking is to be copied entry by traffic police post, do not say-200 Yuan fine, the sticker offset enough of you for a long time, even washing the glass ... There may be are forced to tow the car. Automatic transmission car were traction is polite. If it is necessary to put n, 50 yards below the speed of traction of 50 km. Or four wheel lift towing. But you have traffic, cars were towed by force, not at all likely to damage your automatic transmission.

take care of your car door broken by someone else!!! Parking space selected with great attention to detail. Many underground parking spaces are two columns a few locations. The worst position is Center. Because you have a car, doors open probability of accidentally knocking on your door the most. The left and two spaces to the right of the Center, is the left-most improved. Left of the car because you don't have a car, was the driver of the car to open the door on your right side. Drivers generally know everything, be careful to open the door, so as not to touch the internecine. But do not drive the passenger lacks this awareness.

summer, near the air outlet of the outdoor unit caution to stop. Air conditioning on the water in the paint, leaving marks can be hard to wash, wipe sand perhaps to Polish or wax.

when two cars parked side by side, horizontal distance to. One is as far away as possible, to make contact when the door opened to the maximum opening less than. This is safe, this distance is 1.2-meter and above. If there is no way out, immediately, at 60 cm or less. Because of close, we open the door and the on and off position, and the movements are small, but fine. The most dangerous distance is 1 meter. 1 meter is the distance to knock the door and knocked on the door to almost the maximum opening angle. At almost maximum speed and maximum impact, would almost certainly beat out a flat Chamber or damage paint.

try not to deposit cash or valuables on the dashboard, so as to avoid being hit because of a few dollars a glass.

on new year's Eve each year, Lantern Festival day and welcome the God of wealth, people set off firecrackers. The best underground garage, or at least looking for a relatively safe place. Whip must have damaged the ability to paint and glass. And that sulphur yellow printing is also more difficult to clean.

parking under the trees to note. Some trees in a seasonal fruit, the fruit off the ground or the car will break, leaving the juice like sputum. Easier to leave under the tree bird droppings, this corrosive very strong, no scarring on the timely processing of paint.