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Don't ignore the heart of your car engine maintenance

Car's "filter" means air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter. They like people to use masks, can be filtered into the engine any gas and liquids, so as to protect the motor, but also can improve the efficiency of the engine.

keep the crankcase ventilation is in good condition

nowadays, the car has entered the home, become an important tool for daily travel, tourism and leisure. However, car maintenance, knowledge dissemination is relatively slow, and many people know how to drive, but I don't know how to love the car, car guards. As the heart of the car, engine maintenance is properly managed directly affects the car's performance and service life. The following invited interested experts to introduce engine maintenance tips.

"filter" clean working

engine has a lot of friction between metal surfaces of the movement, the movement speed, environment, temperature up to 400 ° c to 600 c, in such bad condition, only qualified lubricants to reduce the wear on the engine parts, and extended service life. However, some parts because it is so wide and effective lubrication of the lubricant, such as friction between piston ring and cylinder wall at the top position. Therefore, the Shell fuel expert study on the fuel economy of gasoline, the synthesis of viscous friction slowing agent for gasoline alone could reduce the friction of this part.

now most of the gasoline engine with PCV valve (crankcase ventilation device), blowby contaminants in sediments around the PCV valve, may make the valve plug. Therefore, must be cleared of pollutants around the PCV valve on a regular basis.

there should be regular cleansing of water tanks

engine radiator rust, scale is the most common problem. Rust and scale will restrict the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reduce the heat, and cause the engine to overheat or even engine damage. Regularly clean the water tank, remove rust and scale.