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Maintenance of car seat covers

If not there is a special situation, car seat covers should be washed every six months to remove, leather chairs set is frequently wiped, must be careful not to scrub scrubbing with acidic liquids, leather seat covers are subject to chemical treatment, acidic detergents might affect its life span.

car internal environment of main manufacturing who is car Chair sets, clean, and maintenance detailed and and car both inside and outside of color match consistent of car Chair sets, can to people a feast for the of goodwill, from details in the can see you good of gentleman grace; instead, car within of seat sets if has stains, appeared cracked or although maintenance decent but and car within external of color conflict obviously, you left people of impression may on poor, so-called "a housing not sweep why sweep world", said of is this truth.

cars not in the sun exposure, and strong sunlight may result in oxidation of leather seat covers, giving off a smell of leather, in addition, the strong sunlight will make the cracked chair covers.

car seat covers maintenance and is very conscientious and careful words, try not to get in his pockets brought sharp objects such as keys and knives and the like, they may feel free to scratch your chair covers, in addition, also try to eat less fried things in the car, you may stain your Chair cover.

in normal cases, leather seat covers should be replaced once in 5 years, cloth seat covers 2 years should be replaced.