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Car maintenance and repair of electric Windows

1. arm pivot, sprayed with oil. One side moves up and down while spraying can make very small parts can also be painted.


2. to enable the smooth sliding glass, it is important to minimize resistance. The defacing of the glass will become resistance, you should always keep the window clean.

3. window movement is not smooth because many electrical switches inside the door lift the oil runs out, remove the inner cover with oil.

4. If the glass completely unable to move, is likely a switch failure. If it is a switch failure, can only be replaced.

5. electronic devices if you do not, check the fuse is common sense. Double check which fuse is for the power Windows.

6. switching actions worse, unable to open the window when switching occurs the possibility of failure is very high.

7. supporting parts it is necessary to check the glass at both ends of the slider. When the poor thermal conductivity of glass and sliding conditions, can apply the lightening agent.

8. remove the inner lid, Peel under plastic sheets for waterproofing, revealing window lifting bodies.

9. before you cheer for the internal mechanism, first remove the inner cover. Remove the cover screws, remove the snap switch.

electric switch Windows power consumption is very large, the local State is activated when the Flash will even make the engine sound change, so the car battery is weak, careful not to open the window on or off.

      power Windows system from Windows, window regulator, motors, relays, switches and other devices. General Electric window system is equipped with two sets of controls. A mounted on the dashboard or on the driver's side door armrest,   switch, it consists of pilot control movements for each window. Another packed separately in each passenger door, separation, can be manipulated by passengers. And fitted with a circuit breaker switch on the main switch, if it is disconnected, switching   does not work.

    defaced will not only affect the appearance of the window glass, will also affect the vision, too much dirt will affect Windows electric switch action. Prevent rain water into the car, top of the window frame with a rubber band, this was the place where regular contact with glass. Increases the friction of glass stained with a rubber band, switch will also be affected, so glass must always be kept clean.

    or fast-food restaurant at the parking fees when you go, electric Windows are very easy to design, it is not a complicated mechanical devices, oil is the subject of maintenance. But due to mechanical   device located inside the door, you need to take the cover off. Fixed covers hiding screws, can be found on the inside door handle recesses. Using gears, cable device with arm pivot and slide part for the refueling Center. Cover the following cover   waterproof plastic, its reinstatement is very important.