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New Board drinking with drunk drivers who have to bear the responsibility

Drivers drunk driving and drunk driving, respectively a serious administrative offence and persons suspected of criminal acts, in the course of law enforcement agencies in the investigation, asked with SIPs is inevitable. In the process of asking, with drinkers, if any drivers are condoning drunk driving behavior, who is also drinking and driving behavior, police duty.

in my opinion, Jinan "new deal" nothing wrong with the relevant provisions of the. It can be said that the measures adopted by the police have a very strong legal basis. Meanwhile, the measure can activate long "hibernation" law, traffic law enforcement and social units exchange information, formed to curb drinking and driving force.

first, it is necessary to clarify the traffic police for drunk driving accountability with drinking the contents and nature. Because the media and public opinion in Jinan, a measure called "even with drinking", though in most of the added quotation marks, but many in the public still characterized, "quips" imagine a very stern, drinkers will be the same as the drunk driver was detained and fined.

traffic police to take "accountability with the drinker" measures, only two basic elements: first, after the driver has been found drunk driving, ask for drink; the second is to not perform the obligation of discouraging the same SIP a copy of their unit, education by the unit. According to the head of the traffic police to explain, ask also has two purposes: to find out whether for drunk driving with drinking drivers has forced, ordered, tolerated by the Act is there to discourage drivers drunk driving; the second is also identified with the drink itself is there drinking and driving behavior. Speaking from the nature of these measures in the "ask" are part of the enforcement of the "investigation" and "copy" is "investigation" after "handling".


for the police a copy of the unit, is also a direct legal basis. Road traffic safety law, sixth paragraph: State organs, armed forces, enterprises, institutions and other organizations, the unit staff to carry out road safety education. Visible law enforcement traffic safety consciousness organization education is manifestation of respect for the law.

according to the law on administrative punishment in China, public security management punishment law and the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety law, police drunk driver with the drinker's research and treatment, based on the full and appropriate measures, is the embodiment of innovative law enforcement, expanded effect. The administrative punishment law, 30th and 36th, respectively: administrative penalties, the executive authorities shall ascertain the facts, comprehensive, objective and fair investigations and collect evidence. Article 17th of Security Administration Punishment Law: common violations of the administration of public security, according to acts violating the Administration who played a role in the acts violating the Administration respectively penalties; he instigates, coerces, coerces others to violate the administration of public security and penalties as it instigates, coerces, coerces. As for motor vehicle drivers, 22nd article road traffic safety law is clear: no one may be forced, instigate or condone driving in violation of traffic safety laws, regulations and safe driving of motor vehicles requires driving a motor vehicle.

from the above analysis, traffic police in Jinan on "accountability with the drinker" measures, it is not the "new deal", but more rigorous law enforcement.

drinking with drunk drivers who have to bear the responsibility? The people's daily reported yesterday, Jinan traffic police for drunk driving problem, introduce and implement copy unit, accountability, mandatory detention with drunk and a series of "new deal". The general opinion of "accountability with drinkers," complained that such "guilt" is open to question.