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New car in choosing the right oil is the key

"Drive, not only to keep a car" driving habits will greatly damage the engine, a direct result of slow-speed, engine noise and high fuel consumption problems.

car break-in period as players warmed up before their movement, designed to make the car all parts involved to adapt to the environment's ability to adjust the promotion. "Good start is half the battle", car running good or bad, will have important implications for automobile's life, security, and economic.

because is in the run-in period between the parts, oversized loads and high speeds, will impact on the parts. Not only fail to reduce roughness and can cause damage to parts. Strongly press the accelerator emergency acceleration, actually work is the moment the engine under a heavy load, it is easy to wear due to shock.

driving a new car break-in period, owners of new cars to be very careful, careful to make a smooth transition to your new car a normal stage.

especially for new drivers, always feel that the car is new, there's no need maintenance, and more people, maintain awareness for a new car, but I could not find good ways to maintain. New cars are most in need of maintenance period, a new car is not maintained, two or three years will become a classic car.

broken repair, maintenance to no avail. Car trouble, sent repair shop, is not in the maintenance efforts. Waste of repairs said, car breaks more frequently.

in car break-in period of use, should be guided by the following basic principles, this is a break-in period and maintenance of the basic requirements, auto loading during the run-in period must not exceed the rated load 75%. New car load in the load should be less than the prescribed amount or number, not to overload, as overloading will add to the engine, transmission, driveline, suspension systems and other components of the burden, increased wear and damage to the vehicle.

low viscosity and high-quality lubricants, lubrication of the friction surfaces can get a good, slow mechanical wear.

try to add good quality gasoline.