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Adds the right amount of routine maintenance oil gear oil

Used to check that the lubricating oil is correct, but only supplement not replace can compensate for insufficient oil quantity, but not completely compensate the loss of lubricant. Lubricant used in the process, due to pollution and oxidation cause mass gradually declines, while there will be some consumption, reduction in the number.

motor oil used in maintenance frequency is very high. Quality lubricant in addition to protecting the engine, reduce the frequency of oil changes, but also can save on fuel costs. In this season, but also be careful not to car trouble caused due to improper use of lubricants, "improper" use methods from the bikers on lubricating oil of four "misunderstandings."

really high quality lubricating oil is finished with a variety of engine protection, formulations containing a variety of additives, including anti-wear agents, and most balanced formula to protect the performance of lubricating oil into full play. To add other additives not only cannot bring extra protection to vehicles, but easy to react with the chemicals in the oil, resulting in decreased performance of oil.

lubricating oil dipstick should control up and down tick for good. Because of excessive oil from the cylinder and piston clearance into the combustion chamber burns to form carbon. These deposits will increase the compression ratio of the engine and increase detonation tendency of carbon deposits in the cylinder are hot also easily lead to preignition, as falling into the cylinder will increase wear of the cylinder and piston, will speed up the contaminated lubricating oil. Secondly, too much lubricant increases the mixing of crankshaft connecting rod drag, increases fuel consumption.


such an interpretation is not comprehensive. For without peace and quiet dispersant for oil, the color black is indeed oil has seriously deteriorated, but modern cars use lubricants typically come with peace and quiet dispersant. This quiet agent attached to the piston on the film and black carbon deposits washed down and dispersed in oil, reduces engine temperature precipitate generated color turn black after the lubricating oil used for some time, but this time the oil are not entirely bad.