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Teach you in driving the vehicle troubleshooting tips

When we drive a very important things when car breaks down halfway, it can do? At this time must be calm, there is not a very serious problem that we can use the emergency mode to process, then I'll teach you some traffic in the failed no spare parts supply and temporary emergency repairs required for the time being.  

i. both inlet and outlet hoses  

ruptured when available coated with a layer of SOAP wrapped cloth leaks; when the rupture, the hoses can be cut off, in the Middle put on a bamboo or metal pipes, with wire tied tightly.  

Second,. fan belt breaks  

wire broken belt or open the way to stop the car.  

third,. screw sliding buckle  

screw sliding buckle can lead to spills or rod is loose, so that it does not work. Original screws with a Hammer fist can then be compressed, its swelling on both sides and then fastened good, but there is no demolition several times, until the next service repair.  

four,. fuel tank damage  

motor vehicles in use, found the fuel tank leak, oil spills can be wiped clean with SOAP or bubble gum coated in oil, temporarily blocking using epoxy resin adhesive patch, the better.  

five,.   pipe rupture;

ruptured pipeline burst can be wiped clean, apply SOAP, with a cloth or blanket wrapped around the ruptured pipe, with wire tied tightly, and then coated with a layer of SOAP.  

six,. tubing break  

pipe broken to find a commensurate with the tubing diameter of the rubber or plastic pipe socket. Socket close enough, then wire tied tightly at both ends to prevent oil leakage.  

VII. trachoma occurs, oil spills, leaking cylinder head  

according to sand hole sizes, choose the corresponding specifications of electrical fuses, it gently with a hammer into the sand hole, elimination of oil spills, leaking.  

VIII. pipe joints leak

     motor vehicle use, such as engine pipe joints leak, caused by tubing and tubing flare nut is not sealed. Yarn winding available for speakers lower margin, and then tighten the nut tubing and tubing connector and bubble gum can be chewed or maltose into paste, coated the tubing nut, after drying gel seal.  

nine,. diaphragm or fuel pump diaphragm ruptured or broken  

detachable oil pump remove the diaphragm, with plastic wood, electrical insulation bakelite or plastic sheets according to the shape and size of saw blades for woodworking machinery and polished fitted.  

     10,. broken valve spring  

valve spring is broken, broken springs can be removed, two paragraphs in turn broken mount, can be used. Also can find a 1 mm thick of Tin, cut into than spring diameter big 1 mm of round tablets, internal cut a round hole, diameter is less than spring diameter 4 mm, external edge each across 6 mm cut into 4 mm long of RIP, cut good Hou each across a folding a, formed double spring seat slot, again will spring turn loaded into Tin slot within can using