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Oil replaced the term differential Mo flickers

Oil replacement is made of auto maintenance garage do more "professional" recommendation. Oil or change it at all, not only to listen to their views, their hearts must have by.  

brake fluid: factory replaced the General requirements about 50,000 km, but not much trouble, braking exception did not occur without replacement. Brake fluid is running out of hand brake light is on or flashing, brake oil change no later than this time, don't say change to change workshop.  

oil: foreign oil are only replaced 10,000 km, domestic manufacturers to domestic adverse road conditions generally to advance the replacement cycle to 7500 km, now advance to a 5000 km. But as long as the oil is clear and oil level is not below the minimum level marked, no special circumstances oil replaced less frequently. Power steering oil power steering oil does not need to be changed often, dealers are recommended once 100,000 kilometers, does not replace nor is there any security risk. Lack of engine abnormal sound occurs if power steering oil, power steering oil has the lowest scale is lower than the minimum scale breaks. Don't want to wash wash: wash no later than   more than 30,000 km;

so-called engine of deep cleaning is actually on engine lubrication system and do a clean carbon. Editors say, because of the long-term work of the engine at high temperature under high pressure, the resulting sludge and carbon will reduce engine efficiency, for the old cars of a certain age is very necessary.  

but now the lubricants used in cars, mostly self-cleaning function, to ensure the engine within a certain mileage does not produce sludge or small number.  

depth of the engine maintenance according to the manufacturer's requirements of different  

new car engine in two deep cleaning will result in a huge waste of, completely unnecessary. Repair shop guys eager to see Liu car only casually recommend these packages to him.

cleaning lubrication system, intake, combustion chamber and other projects is necessary for the maintenance of car engines, but the vehicles under normal conditions, typically 30,000-50,000 km are considered.