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Nothing to stop into the depot repair shop around

Easier to buy a car, keep it. "It makes a lot of private car owners feel helpless, many owners that, in addition to high oil prices, in fact, most likely to make them" annoying "is a high maintenance: most owners love their cars, tend to serve the 4S shop, quality assured maintenance station the maintenance car, but to pay for spending too much money and when distressed. So, how can let the owners can rest assured that both maintenance and repair, and save money? routine maintenance doesn't need to change


nothing to stop into the pits


"some owners are too cherished, such as DLP is 5000 km;, but he ran the 3000 or 4000 km is to change the oil and filter. "Henan King XL service stations owners said the owners did not need to do so, simply follow the mileage and maintenance normal maintenance factory on the line, premature maintenance replacement was wasted.


owners of some of the performance of the car was too tight, there is a little problem go to a garage, a workshop of master Wu believes that many cars and some small ' problem belongs to the normal rules, it is irrelevant, owners and the nervousness will let there is nothing wrong with the car being "repaired" there is something wrong with, and spend some money.


having to watch the 4S service station


in the vehicle during the warranty period, you have to do in the 4S shop maintenance, if not specified by the manufacturer within the warranty period maintenance repairs, vehicle if there is a problem, it is not within the manufacturers claim, it could lose big.


owner Mr Michael Suen told reporters, outside the warranty period, he experienced teething problems in improving their own repair shops, material not only cheap, labor is cheap, the same maintenance, can save at least half of the costs. Similarly, the car expert Mr Wu is also like this to save money. ailments he often work out, do maintenance to auto city to buy materials, and then looking for chef for car maintenance. But encountered failure he will choose to go to normal repair shop solution.


also: routine maintenance time is set by mileage, but in some cases may be appropriately extended. Such as your car is driving on good roads in the urban area, the previous 5000 km maintenance time, may extend to 6000 km maintenance.


recommended replacement parts to watch


some pits for the pursuit of profit, and would recommend that owners do not have to replace parts,. increase the owner's expense. Some parts can be restored should try to rehabilitate cannot be repaired before replacing, such as front and rear bumpers, door; cover and bending deformation is not serious if the collision, repair costs are far less than the cost of change.


now 4S shop there are many replacement phenomenon, this a repair station owners very reluctantly said, partly because of the increasingly high level now, especially maintenance of electronic components is difficult to guarantee the quality of repair; the other two currently manufacturers rarely give the depot also provide parts and repair of equipment or technology, so most of the time can only be changed.


price comparison shopping


many consumers mind, same brands 4S shop of repair stations and special service parts pricing and working hours should be the same, but it's not. Dongfeng Peugeot Yu Hua Jiurui shop of bow total to reporter revealed, more common accessories, family shop of price more consistent, because manufacturers provides of common accessories in same brand different 4S shop of price are as, but some "cold" accessories (that not common accessories), because replaced frequency not high, the home shop between price also is has difference of, some when also will difference many. He explained that different pit into the loan once and time is different; creates cold parts prices are not the same, so that when we replaced, the owner may wish to make a few phone calls and compare them before replacing, it will save a lot of money.