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Detailed reasons of carbon deposition and processing method of automobiles

Car carbon is a more common phenomenon in our country because a lot, nothing more than petrol, oil quality, accustomed to low or neutral or often idle, especially in the South, hot weather under the conditions of stationary vehicles open air for too long causes leading to engine carbon. Hazards of carbon a lot, ranging from fuel consumption, engine power attenuation, heavy wear and tear parts, automobile safety, therefore, effectively prevent carbon clean carbon for the majority of car owners, is still very necessary.

first,   reasons of carbon deposition

  carbon is the fuel and lubricating oil blowby of mixed sediments arising from incomplete combustion. Consists of valves, combustion chamber carbon carbon and feed tube (primarily composed of hydroxy acids, bitumen, tar, etc. ) Sediment formation and the car's "fuel" and "lubricants" directly relevant: first as "lubricant" breakthrough gas containing carbon particles deposited in incomplete combustion. The car itself contain colloid, impurity, or into storage and transportation process, impurities such as dust, accumulated in cars, formed into tubing and other parts of clay-like sediment, followed by volatile components such as olefins in gasoline at a certain temperature, oxidation and polymerization to form a gelatinous and sticky of resinous material. Thick in the nozzle, intake valves and combustion chamber (cylinder head and piston) and other parts of deposits will become hard carbon deposits. In addition, due to traffic congestion, cars often at low speed and idle state, but will also increase the formation and accumulation of sediments. To put it bluntly, driving habits, bad oil, don't take care of the car is the direct cause of formation of carbon.

Second, the hazards of carbon

to sum up, engine carbon impact on the car is still pretty big, first of all is to reduce engine power, which makes the uneven power output and gradually decay, in other words, more and more power. Second, increased fuel consumption, increase the financial burden on you. Third, the cold start problems, sparking is difficult, it is not easy, and finally the serious will also cause the cylinder combustion chamber of carbon detonation, low speed acceleration sound, damage to the piston and crankshaft, thereby seriously affecting vehicle safety. Also excessive emissions, not only pass the annual examination testing, directly aggravate pollution environmental harm.

specific principles, without attention to oil and driving habits, gas accumulated wax and gel in thick, hardened after repeated heating to form carbon. If the phenomenon of burning oil or raise gasoline quality more impurities, then valve carbon deposit formation of more severe and faster. Due to the carbon structure similar to a sponge, when valve after forming carbon injected into the cylinder part of the fuel will have absorbed so that real concentration of mixture entering the cylinder thinned, resulting in engine working bad, unstable appears difficult starting, idling, bad, nasty temper, excessive exhaust come on, increases fuel consumption and other anomalies. Lax if severe can cause valve closed, cylinder without cylinder pressure and completely does not work, even sticking valve so that it does not return. Valve and piston motion interference, ultimately damage the engine.

third, how to diagnose

   intake manifold carbon in automobile maintenance diagnosis is very simple, as long as the throttle is removed you can see very clearly the degree of carbon. But for the diagnosis of valve carbon has always been a problem, usually repair shop to diagnose with tools such as endoscopes, like hospital endoscopy in diagnosis of Portal hypertensive gastropathy.

or, are you experiencing slow speed driving, emergency refueling tempered, cold start problems, your car's valves are likely to have carbon. Found idle low idle car shaking when you step on the accelerator card, and after swapping the battery without idling, then your car's intake manifold is carbon is very serious now. With these phenomena should go to a professional repair shop check in time.

     Japanese and Korean models about 30000KM should be removed, because Japanese and Korean models, mostly low-speed high-torque engine, and low-speed driving, carbon effect on the engine power and fuel consumption is relatively small. In contrast, European and American models about 20000KM, so it should be clear, European and American models, mostly in the high-speed engine, up to a certain speed will have a strong power output, most of them in the high speed Lane, high speed, the first after a low speed, carbon impact on the engine at low revs when accelerating reflected relatively obvious. Of course, it also as the daily driving habits and be, regardless of what model, if long run high speed, typically carbon may be smaller, long traffic route of carbon will have a great chance. For about two years to 4S shop check the carbon issue is essential.

four,   how to deal with

  carbon is not a good thing, how to remove it? Some repair shops have gradually accepted a cleaning method under the condition of such methods in the original Assembly is not damaged engines, engine system to carry out thorough cleansing, thereby contributing to the maintenance personnel to quickly solve a series of problems, their driving performance. Save time, reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency. Because it is cleaning, needs cleaning equipment and cleaning fluids, cleaning fluids, environmental protection, cleaning equipment and cleaning solution for matching, carbon cleaning how to, how to make carbon, safely and effectively eliminate will produce side effects, this is one garage in select carbon cleaning methods need to be considered in questions. In General, depending on the different levels of carbon, hundreds of thousands of Yuan to clean carbon problem can be solved completely.

five, how to prevent

so, how should it be prevent carbon? One is to raise quality and quality of gas oil. Gasoline in the wax and resin and other impurity is forming the main components of carbon, so gasoline cleanliness high carbon trend is weak. Some owners in order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline and add gasoline to the fuel cleaner approach. This effectively prevents carbon layer is formed on the metal surface, and can gradually activate the carbon particles slowly removed, so as to protect the engine from damage. Is important to be reminded, be sure to use a large brand of gasoline detergent. Second, don't idle speed for a long time.

long idle time, time of the engine up to normal temperature is variable-length, gasoline is vaporized by spray to the back of the valve on slow speed, coke was born. While regular idle speed, into the engine air flow is small, the erosion of the carbon is also very weak, will promote carbon deposits. Third, run speed, shift speed of hand car as possible. Run high speed objective is to the air inlet of the scouring effect of preventing carbon deposition. In addition, improved shift speed and running speed is different in essence, shifting when the speed 2000 to 2500 rpm, not only can prevent carbon builds, can also improve the car's performance, and avoid the detonation of the shift speed is too low, engine protection.

final is sure to regular maintenance, ensure a good ignition system, power supply enough Air is not blocked. Cars equipped with a turbocharger, at high speeds or climbing and don't immediately turn off, after idling for a while and then stalled.