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Take advantage of free testing services usually drive less bump

In order to establish their own brand image, attract more customers, and is now held every year in major domestic auto manufacturers of all kinds of free activities.


in the activities of free testing, some will take the opportunity to persuade the owners to carry out a number of maintenance personnel without the necessary maintenance and repair, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. But if they could keep an eye out, for example, to a different depot for advice, or find a knowledgeable friend ask, wouldn't spend money. However, during the free testing, if the owner can take time, or go as far as possible, so that owners understand more about the condition, some problems resolved in a timely manner.


bump usually drive less


for many novice; in addition to normal maintenance, maintenance costs are large, learned from the many pits; owners to store their vehicles quite a few done in sheet metal and paint, only this one have greater expenses because any car spray paint are a few ' hundred bucks.


for these car owners, first of all, is to find a good insurance company, to buy his own car a CDW, cut their losses, just be careful when you drive yourself, avoid the bump.