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Auto air conditioning use and maintenance use

Configuration when it comes to car comfort, air conditioning, deservedly occupy a very important position. Whether cold or heat, it is able to provide comfortable rides in the car environment, not only to improve traffic safety, can give you a good mood. In addition to racing, now all configurations in passenger cars sold by the air conditioning, but if you can properly do you use air conditioning in your car? Some simple questions you can solve it? Tips for today's cars just to talk about automotive air conditioning can't afford not to know things.

the reasonable use of air conditioning:

first, choose the right air conditioning temperature.

standing on the point of view of health, not just for the automotive air conditioning, indoor air conditioning still apply this. In the summer, many people like to turn the temperature down so low and adjustable high during the winter. When the temperature is too low or too high, can affect health. According to the study, the most suitable temperature range is 18-24 ° c, over 28 degrees, people will feel muggy. But below 14 degrees, people will feel cold. Therefore, the air conditioning inside temperature should be controlled between 14 c to 28 c.

Second, car windows open for ventilation in summer, outside the first cycle after cycle.

If a car parked in the hot sun for a long time, like a steamer in the car, many car owners prefer starting the car couldn't wait to turn on air conditioner and turn on the inner loop. Actually do happen to be haste makes waste. When I first get into the car, you should open Windows and open the outer loop, and then opens the air conditioning, so you can put hot air are discharged as soon as possible. After the drop in temperature in the compartment, then switch in the loop.

third, the use of air conditioning in vehicles should be closed, but not open for a long time.

in air conditioner use of door, window closing in lax, temperature regulating effect on the poor, which I believe we all understand that. But has been a relatively close within the narrow space of open air conditioning for a long time, causing damage to our health. And prolonged use of air conditioning condenser pressure is too large, it will cause loss of the refrigeration system, because the air conditioning is a heavy burden for the engine, and the engine itself is a hot body. Traffic when using air conditioning, single time should not be too long if the temperature has reached a comfortable temperature inside the car, you can turn the air conditioning off while switch on the outer loop or diagonal slightly lowered window to let fresh air into the compartment.   Can't sleep with the inner loop in the car smoking and open, the same is true.

four, air conditioning air outlet direction there, "cold heat".

this advice a little too carefully, but there is still reason to follow. We all know a simple laws of physics, that cold air sinks, hot air rises, so the correct course of action should be, when you turn on the air conditioner outlet, open the heating air outlet down. Feel free to adjust the direction of air conditioning, hair dryer, air conditioning is not conducive to play the best.

five slow speeds when trying not to use air conditioning.

when driving in traffic jams, not in order to improve the efficiency of air conditioning and allows the engine to operate at high speed, as this engine and air conditioning compressors service life have adverse effects.

six, first turn off the air conditioning and then stalled.

owners often only after stalling off the air conditioning, which is harmful to the engine, because while it is in the next time you start, the engine will start with air conditioning load, such a high load will damage the engine. After each stop should therefore shut down the air conditioning to the flame, but also when the vehicle start two or three minutes, the engine is lubricated, then turn on the air conditioning.   There is also important to note that in the heat of the summer, moldy huge temperature difference causes air conditioning system inside and outside the car, and then to breed mold. Owner at the minutes turn off the air conditioner before reaching its destination, open natural ventilation, the temperature inside the air-conditioning piping rebounded, eliminating temperature differences with the outside world, thus maintaining the air-conditioning system is relatively dry, avoiding fungal reproduction.

seven, the open volume on a regular basis.

some owners don't like noise from air conditioning when driving into high, so rarely or never to leave your air conditioning air flow. But will suck a lot of dust on air conditioning use and give periodic wind surface dust blown out of the air conditioner duct, which can keep the air clean. In addition, also want to use a dedicated cleaning lotion for sterilization, cleaning, and odor control.