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Safe driving tips! Teach you the correct driving posture

  If randomly asked a driver how to grip the steering wheel, you can get many different answers: people who have just graduated from school will choose 49-point---the nine o'clock position your left hand on the steering wheel, right hand four o'clock position; the following points:


hands parallel  :


hand to grip in the middle of the steering wheel slightly downwards in parallel position. Although this position contrary to the driving instructor's teachings, but when the collision occurred, parallel arm is more advantageous to support. If your hands on 49 points, left arm muscles remain tense, may result in unbalanced development of the left and right shoulders, arm. Hold the steering wheel with only four fingers, thumb started posted on the steering wheel. When the wheels hit a rock or high stairs, the front wheels sometimes suddenly turned to one side, driving the front wheels spin, if the thumb around the steering wheel and spun the steering wheel thumb will be discounted.


eyes everywhere  :


determine if a driver is a sign of maturity is to see his eyes on an object at rest time. After the newbie, all the energy is concentrated in the front, for fear of hitting the car in front. In fact, trends in addition to the vehicle ahead, but also should make full use of the car of three mirrors, observing and learning from side and back at any time to position, vehicle speed. Before the brakes, look in the middle of the rear-view mirror, rear car is too close to the car, whether to tap the brakes, lights brake lights reminded the car after that. And when, in addition to left and right mirror outside, best looking back with eyes of my eye sliding side Windows, avoid car mirror blind spots, scratches.


full seating of the body  :


many beginners because the car sense, in order to see the front, try to adjust the seat in front, almost holding the steering wheel driving; there are some older drivers, ran long likes to tilt the seat back when using half lying position to drive, which is not a safe practice. After the seat moves forward, distance close to the chest with the steering wheel, steering wheel movement, deformation space has become smaller. After collision the chance of chest steering wheel impact; reclined while driving, the whole body is in a relaxed state, can only hold the lower end of the steering wheel. When the obstacles suddenly appear on the road, hands sliding movements of the steering wheel could not be completed, not to mention the large angle of evasive action.


correct practice is caster angle adjustment of the backrest to about 110 degrees. Scientific experiments show that this point of view the most ergonomic, physical fatigue; then close the backrest of the seat of the body, the seats filled, real; then wrist resting on top of the steering wheel, adjust the seat distances, bending the elbow can remain.


in addition, completely after stepping on the brake and clutch pedals, bend the knee still has some, so you can maintain a constant pedaling power.


shoes must fit  :


soles must to anti-sliding, dip has water of soles and slippers easy sliding off, is accident of hidden; shoes edge don't too wide, right feet from throttle pedal lift up moved to brake pedal Shi, more wide of shoes edge easy rub in brake pedal Shang, may only several seconds, but this several seconds time has enough let you hit front of car has; don't wear high heels, young of female driver because wear high heels cannot will brake pedal stepped on what, caused rear of phenomenon has common has.


skirts get image  :


women wearing skirts on the bus when their most embarrassing moments, because short skirts easy to spring leaks, is scrambling to lift the skirt of the dress to prevent tripping. Correct car program is: open the door, turned to the body and legs tight, sitting in the car, then legs into the car.