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Before car trouble signs eight

As living standards improve, more and more people choose to own cars, but more and more car owners do not know how to protect your car, why would fail, would fail. The following points: the

car failed, due to failure to form for different reasons, and each has its own characteristics, to sum up, generally have the following warning:


mutations, working conditions:


so-called regime shifts, refers to the working condition of the car all of a sudden there is normal, this is a fairly common failure symptoms. For example: engine stalling after start problems, can't even start engine running power suddenly decreases and powerless, sudden brake failure or deviation, even failure. Symptoms of this failure, it is easily detected.


Second, the unusual  :


car in abnormal noise in the process, is the automotive fault "alarm." Burst noise in the drive, as drivers should be aware that a problem with the car, you should immediately stop checking, must not let vehicle "in spite of jobs."


third, abnormal exhaust smoke


engine working process, the main component of normal combustion products carbon dioxide and a small amount of water vapour. If the engine is not burning properly, mixed with the incomplete combustion of carbon in exhaust gas particles, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and a lot of water vapor. In addition, nitrogen and oxygen compounds, such as when exhaust color may be black, blue or white, that is the exhaust smoke is not normal. For gasoline engines, normal exhaust should be no visible smoke. But when you Lube up the cylinder, and exhaust are blue; incomplete combustion, exhaust is black, when water in the oil, exhaust is white.


four, overheating temperature


usually appears in the engine, transmission and drive axle final drive, differential and brake assembly. For example, engine overheating, a cooling system problem was lack of coolant or the pump is not working; transmission and drive axle overheating, caused by lack of oil; brake overheating, mostly caused by brake does not return. Above are sometimes directly through the dashboard warning light is reflected, while driving the driver needs to take a look or test surface temperature by hand.


five, leakage


leakage is defined as the car engine fuel, lubricating oil (or oil), brake fluid (or compressed air) and power steering fluid leaking. This is an obvious failure symptoms, careful observation can be found. For example compressed air leaks, you can clearly hear the sound of air leakage.


six, excessive consumption of fuel and lubrication


excessive consumption of fuel and lubricants, that car technical condition have deteriorated and has failed.


seven, with special smell


cars in operation, such as brake dragging, clutch slipping fault, emits burning smell of friction plate; flees the cylinder combustion engine overheating, lubricating oil, will issue a special divergent odors; circuit, take the iron wire burned or charred smell.


eight, automobile appearance abnormal


cars parked on a flat site, check the profile status, such as horizontal or vertical skew phenomena, that is, abnormal appearance. Causes are the frame, body, suspension, tires and other failures, which can cause the driving direction is not steady, deviation, shifted the center of gravity and wheels "eat-child", and so on.