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Car how long does winter start warm-up time is right

Because of the cold winter, parked a car late the next day when certainly not instant smooth running, cars need to warm up before the start, but how long is the best warm-up times?


when the water temperature to normal


a minute or so reduced to idle or engine tachometer


owners think the longer the warm-up time the better, it is superfluous. Some owners to wait until the water temperature the table pointer to the normal position, to dare to start their vehicles, in fact, is no longer necessary.


first and foremost is that the car starts preheating is necessary. Just start the engine temperature is low, various parts of the oil are not in place, immediately produce the parts dry grinding and wear parts.


Preheat time is not too long, judgement is: water temperature gauge needle has just started, or start the engine tachometer drop to idle state you can drive, take about a minute or so. Suggest the owner starts 2 km before the first at low speed and normal speed.