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Newbie on 10 major attention!

So-called beginner, just graduated from driving out, trembling at the wheel, experiencing little problem was a bit flustered drivers, some driving schools will have taken the trouble to print some novice driving considerations for beginners reference. But, some open has a time car of owners for himself car of using also also is not familiar, especially some women owners, until will gasoline exhausted, oil with to pulled cylinder, also not know to refueling maintenance, more has many owners even fog lamp how open, and Qian windshield how except fog except cream is cast check check, specific to told novice with car Shi of 10 big note matters

first, carefully read the owner's manual

a person must develop good driving habits, first to see the owner's manual, to learn and practice themselves, some function settings for each car varies, but the owner's manual will be given according to the characteristics of each car, detailed usage and precautions, be sure to carefully read and keep in mind. For example, some people will not play on light, I do not know how to light, I do not know how to open the fog lights and turn signals, these matters are always used and related to traffic safety, so be sure to be familiar with the theory and practice in the road.

Second, learn how to check the oil

oil related to normal driving, is very important. Some novices don't know where oil, do not know how to look at the amount of cooling water, this should consult maintenance staff to learn the Auto store. Know meter, and positioning of speedometer and water temperature readings, you must learn to oil and water checks. Gasoline fuel gauges, cooling hood cabin of the pot is filled, and General cooling water bottle colors Blue, red, green or yellow. Different models are different in color, how much do you want to know and how to judge. Dipstick how to choose, how to learn. Special wiper wiper water as far as possible solution blending water or cleaning agent, don't mess with, or without, otherwise, not to harm the glass, is to wash the dirty glass.

third, learning to read the meter display

instrument lights display shows the car's full working condition, what is learned to read the instructions. Also, instrument Board above displayed of machine lamp and water temperature lamp is heavy in the of heavy, need will read, machine lamp or water temperature indicates has problem, on will in instrument Board above points bright displayed, at need immediately side parking and open emergency lamp, then contact 4S shop maintenance personnel came to processing, himself don't again blind drive forward, or will serious hurt car of parts, and lane also will is not security. If ABS light is moving, this is a software problem, not generally the hardware in the car or the gasoline quality, such as oil not lead to excessive exhaust fault lamp will light, you can slow down, and maintenance in a timely manner.

four, correct use of air conditioning demisting and defrosting function

located in the subtropical zone in the South, and more general rain weather, humidity, large, so the windscreen is prone to fog, if not cleaned will seriously affect traffic safety. Therefore, air conditioning mist defrost function to learn how to use General manual air conditioning to the air conditioner, and then transferred to mist position. Automatic air conditioning is to mist position. Model defogging and defrosting is separated, need to be started separately.

five, master scientific and accurate parking

select suitable parking location, stopping as little as possible the location of restaurants attract mice and block others access, or take other parking locations.

out driving don't stop in the vicinity of grass or Hay, because of the long drive, the exhaust temperature is too high, especially turbocharged cars is so easy to ignite the fire.

try not to stop at the angle of the slope, if it were to stop, best moving a big rock at the bottom of the wheel.

in addition, stop to turn off the lights at night, many beginners make the mistake, was parking into place after stalling during the night, forgot to turn off the lights. Some cars are designed to turn off Remove key and headlights are not closed under lights remain dark, if not close, a night it can put a car battery depleted, or who forgot to turn off the Interior lights, low power consumption, but criminals can clearly see your legacy items inside the car, were not safe.

six, not need to warm up after the fire

in the past, General automotive ignition need to warm up for a few minutes, this style is outdated, preheated for a few minutes after the car in the hot climate of Guangzhou but do not need.

for many electronic spray vehicle, vehicle when ignition key is turned on, trip computer computer self test is also carried out in order to eliminate the security risks of driving, check project includes ABS, braking systems, lubrication system, the ESP system and many other. Vehicle computer self test time is generally short, about three or four seconds, at this point it's best not to start, as long as there is no fault light is on, the instrument correctly, will be able to travel as usual.

start to see brake lights, lift the hand brake in a timely manner.

driving process, with more than just the rear view mirrors, Interior mirrors, three immersions, and confirm that you are walking in their driveway, confirm the correct reference, in addition, no long-term occupation of the lane on the left.

seven, keys must be used with auto separation

car keys emergency use, but in General not in the car, try to distance separating, because novices sometimes doors lock up, but at this time such as the spare key in the vehicle, gave criminals an opportunity stolen cars.

of course, such as travel by car, bring a spare key is sometimes necessary, but should not be placed in the car, to be close to, otherwise commonly used key is lost or unavailable, is bound to damage the window to get a spare key, the loss is not small.

in addition, pay for parking purposes, many vehicle owners will put some coins in the car. But for starters, don't put the coin in the water near the handbrake Cup slot, otherwise, take place accidentally, you might mistakenly dropped the coins start brake gap, enter the mechanical warehouse. Although mechanical machines are enclosed within the warehouse, generally do not have an impact on auto mechanics operation, but will increase the problems, reportedly needs more sophisticated professional operations to remove the coins. Noted that some models hand brake design, can avoid the coin fell into the gap, but a lot of cars had no such details.

BA, maintaining distance between vehicles, develop a comprehensive grasp of the car habit

whether it is driving or parking, must maintain distance because novice often a sense of propriety mishandled, in case of a traffic jam or a red light, braked too late, so that head so close to the vehicle in front, combined with the starting point is not cooked, are often too impatient, it's easy to start again when he struck the vehicle in front. In addition, the driver if the vehicle is new, started down slip and easy to hit your car.

parking is also a truth, must keep the distance. In particular, is in need of attention, motor vehicles, usually foot position on the position of the throttle and keep foreign 8 diagonal on the accelerator, brake in a timely manner, in the event of emergency, would consciously leave the gas pedal with the right foot on the brake, and thus don't lead to step on the gas tragedy. In addition, from time to time with an eye to corner of the dashboard, to develop holistic grasp of the car at any time used, because all information on vehicles on the meter.

nine, and the steering wheel while driving distance

on driving at the wheel, to keep a certain distance away, but not too far, feet knees still slightly bent when stepping on the brakes as standard.

speed bumps, try not high speed punch, is to protect the tyres; the second is for the car's suspension, rubber parts and connectors also play a protective role.

then while driving to avoid the puddles, one does not know the depth and area, once you are deep in trouble, because some of the pit is the "bottomless pit", is very dangerous. Of course, if a car ahead by may, but be sure to slow down in advance. Not high speed punch, because, puddle of poor tire grip, this time much longer braking distance, in the event of emergency, unable to brake in time. In addition, after a puddle, to touch on the foot brake, above water brake discs dry, avoid brake discs rusting.

10, foot brake stall State do not repeatedly stepped on

car design, foot brake-related equipment such as hydraulic oil, engine operation support is needed. When the when the car is stalled, the brake can only be two to three times, after which you will get stiff, could not step on the longer, unable to play a role in braking. Don't panic when suddenly discovered this phenomenon, this is not a car failure when the vehicle (in particular a manual car) wher ramp accidents, quickly step on the foot brake not releasing, they should not repeatedly stepped on a loose, easy auto slippery, collisions with other vehicles. Regardless of whether there is a slippery, should simply pull the hand brake, and fire started. After the fire started, the brake will immediately return to work.

in addition, the spare tire pressure and tire spoon tire spoons is very important, is mainly used for removing the tire, because the original vehicle stowage well, experts say, tire problems usually get to, in the event of tire removal is not easy so will cause a lot of trouble, especially in the mountains less tire unloading and wound up even more so.