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Tire location how do it again?

Car long after feel to the line against non-essential left, or against non-essential right, body float Rod tire uneven wear phenomena happen? If so, then your car may be a location. Why does this happen and what positions?

   tire positioning of the car and ran away instead of going to a new location, then over time the vehicle will not only cause tire wear left and right float rod, different angles but also because of the tire and cause the towed vehicle is not suitable and increase fuel consumption, increase the speed of the risks involved, increases fatigue and chassis parts for damage. So when tire positioning needs to be done, and how long you want to do it again?

main reason: vehicles in motion and often there will be a lot of rough roads, potholes and water holes covered reasons such as shock and chassis parts wear, vibration and shake in a long time will make the default settings under suspension and tire mechanical position change, when angle was running away, this situation will occur.

this situation can only give you one suggestion is at least once a year should at least do tires do a positioning positioning or 10,000 km. If you use the car for a long time, like taxis, trucks like the best six months or three months will do a locate. Actually say everyone's driving habits, time and mileage are different, walking road surface conditions will be different, so if the following situation occurs when you want to help your car be a detent.

How to determine tire position how long it will take to make a

1. vehicles in the road, straight driving when steering wheel is not being

2. when a vehicle in a straight, flat road to the left or right sliding

3. abnormal tire wear, serious eats child

4. body beats instability

5. steering wheel sway

6. driving situations that pass by

7. vehicle collisions have occurred

8. replacement of suspension, steering system, suspension or chassis parts such as connecting rods

Add is when your vehicle at high speeds, the steering wheel will wobble, you probably do wheel balancing.